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Our extensive fleet goes anywhere in Northern and Central Alberta.

View Our State-of-the-Art Fleet & Drilling Equipment from Edmonton

Whether we’re managing aggregate surveys, geotechnical drilling services, or other types of environmental work, Canadian Geological Drilling Ltd. always handles our work with a state-of-the-art fleet and drilling equipment from Edmonton. Using the most up-to-date equipment available, we can help you complete your project as safely and as quickly as possible.

Currently, you’ll find that our fleet consists of the following:

  • CME-75 drill mounted on a Freightliner® tandem truck
  • Diedrich D-50 track drill
  • Service trucks
  • Service van
  • Polaris Ranger ATV
  • Bobcat 873

Want to know more about the equipment we work with? Take a look at our latest additions listed on this page. And if you wish to know even more, just get in touch with us.


Dry-Auger Drill



Diedrich D-25 Limited Access Track Drill

Recently, Canadian Geological Drilling Ltd. has been proud to add a customized Diedrich D-25 limited access track drill to our fleet. This drill offers the following advantageous features to our services:

  • Air transportation — Our drill can be transported by helicopter within four loads for a combined weight of 7,916 lbs (3,591 kg)
  • Enhanced drilling clearance — This latest drill can drill under a 12’ 8” ceiling clearance. However, please note that it will require 16’ of clearance to operate with its mast raised.
  • Additional features — To further enhance our drilling capabilities, this new drill has an automatic drop hammer, 6’ stroke cable/hydraulic push-pull system, three winches, and a skid frame substructure.

To put our new drill to work for you, call us today!


IR-60 Drill Rig Mounted on a Kenworth Tandem Truck

Part of the latest additions to our fleet is our IR-60 drill rig mounted on a Kenworth tandem truck. This new rig comes with the following features:

  • Reduced operating noise — To avoid adding noise pollution to our work area, this new rig operates with quiet PTO power.
  • Extra space — For additional room to work with, our new drill rig comes with plenty of deck space and an auger rack that conveniently slides out from the rear of the rig.

For more equipment information, please contact us.

CME-75 drill mounted on a Freightliner® tandem truck

CME-75 drill mounted on a Freightliner® tandem truck

Diedrich D-50 track drill

Diedrich D-50 track drill

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